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floor standing air purifier
Product characteristics

Extremely silent

Imported DC brushless motor; ultra-low mute; noise as low as 35dB (A)

Speed regulation

Imported DC brushless motor and stepless speed regulation technology provide users with refined and comfortable air supply

360° high efficiency filtration

Large-area cylinder filter and 360° all-round clean air supply ensure clean air indoor.

5 operating modes

Intelligent, manual, internal loop, fast clean and silent mode can meet the user's personalized needs

Efficient heat recovery

New materials such as high-efficiency hydrophilic aluminum foil can recover more than 75% of the heat contained in the exhaust, greatly reducing energy consumption

Negative oxygen ions

When the air is blown, a large amount of negative oxygen ions are released, and the air rich in oxygen is fresher and healthier.

Air digitization

Air supply

Extremely silent

Elegant and noble

Simple and elegant with excellent purification effect

It can be perfectly integrated into your home environment and ensure you comfortable and healthy breathing